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Bracing... Everybody Needs A Little Support Sometimes

Cervical and Back Bracing  


Aspen Collar

Rigid plastic collar limits cervical movements. Collar comes with replacement foam pads for hygienic use.
Doctor or physio prescription is required.






Soft Cervical Collar

Universal collar. Thick foam padding promotes comfort while limiting movement.





Cervical Traction Kit                               

Metal Bracket fastens over any door. Weight bag is calibrated to fill with water from 2-20 lbs. One size adjustable head halter fits most adults. Latex Free.







Anatech Industrial Back Brace

Basic back support with flexible metal support allows for conformity of lumbar spine. Elastic side straps are adjustable for additional support.
Comes with removable suspenders for easy on/easy off.





Obus Back Belt

Thick foam padding provides lumbar support. Elastic side straps are adjustable for additional support.




DonJoy ComfortFORM Back Support

Large thick padding provides excellent lumbar coverage. Adjustable side straps increase support.





Camp Corset

Flexible metal supports contour to lumbar spine. Two sets of adjustable straps enhance support.
Doctor or Physio prescription required.







Aspen Quikdraw Back Brace

Rigid plastic support in the lumbar spine. Easy to apply and easy to adjust. Allows for cold therapy to be applied to the lumbar spine.
Doctor or physio prescription required. 


  Harris Back Brace

Heavy duty lumbar back support following back surgery. Rigid metal encased in leather Corset-style closure in front.
Adjustable to allow for proper support.





 FastWrap Camp TLSO

TLSO brace provides compression to tharacic, lumbar, sacral and abdominal regions. Padded adjustable shoulder straps offer comfort and compliance. Simpler model for elderly patients who need upper back support. 






Jewitt Back Brace

Limits range of motion to ensure stability of fractures in the spine. Locking mechanism re-enforces strap. Pre-drilled holes permit adjustments in height and width.









 Aspen Contour LSO/TLSO

Rigid support of the spine. Brace is design with Aspen Quikdraw as foundation for support. Application is designed with simplicity in mind.






 Umbilical Hernia Belt                                 

For umbilical hernias made with leather. 






 Serola SI Belt                                 

Relieves stress and instability at the Sacroiliac joint. Compresses and supports the sacroiliac joint.  Relieves stress and instability at the SI joint.





 Abdominal Binder                                        

Abdominal binder provides full, all around compression of hernia. Binder will not restrict movement.








Hernia Support w Ostomy            

Comfortable support binder. Reinforced plastic pannel designed for parastomal hernias.








Stork S'port Maternity Back Support      

Helps to relieve pressure on back caused by abdomen.








Theratherm Moist Heat Pack        

Theratherm draws moisture from the air and retains it in a specially designed 100% cotton cover. The retained moisture is rapidly heated by high-grade ceramics allowing deeper penetration of heat into the body's tissue. 
Therapeutic treatment temperature between 88° and 166°F.
Treatment time between 1 to 60 minutes.




Tens Machine                                                    

A durable dual channel analogue unit with 3 modes of operation (burst, continuous, modulated) and a treatment timer.







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