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                 Medical Compression Therapy & Juxta-Fit


Compression stockings prevent swelling. Designed to be worn all day long; they provide comfort while offering medical grade compression therapy. Compression stockings promote circulation by assisting the venous system to reduce swelling. Compression therapy helps to reduce conditions associated with poor circulation such as ulcers, DVT’s, and varicosities.

There are several classifications of medical compression which are determined by a medical doctor. Each classification has specific characteristics to which the compression level suits the

Non-prescription Medical Compression:
  • Heavy, fatigue, tired legs
  • Prophylaxis during pregnancy
  • Prophylaxis for legs predisposed to risk
  • Long hours of standing or sitting

Prescription Required Medical Compression: 


  • Heavy, fatigued, tired and aching legs
  • Mild varicosities during pregnancy
  • Mild varicosities with minimal edema
  • Minimal edema upper extremities
  • Post-sclerotherapy of small veins


  • Moderate to severe varicosities with mild edema during pregnancy
  • Moderate varicosities with mild to moderate edema
  • Post fracture, post traumatic edema
  • After sclerotherapy  or phlebectomy of larger veins or after vein stripping to maintain treatment success
  • Primary venous ulcer treatment
  • Superficial phlebitis
  • Chronic Venus Insufficiency
  • DVT after completion of basic treatment to prevent or manage          manifestations of Post Thrombotic Syndrome
  • Mild primary lymphedema after decongestant therapy to maintain reduction, secondary lymphedema or moderate edema of the upper extremities


  • Severe varicosities
  • Severe edema
  • Primary and reversible lymphedema after decongestant therapy for reduction maintenance 
  • Chronic Venus Insufficiency
  • Severe Post traumatic and Post fracture edema
  • Recurrent venous ulceration
  • Severe Post Thrombotic Syndrome


  • Primary lymphedema after decongestant therapy for reduction maintenance
  • Severe Post Thrombotic Syndrome


Please note that we measure for any compression garment first thing in the morning as close to our opening time as possible due to the possibility of swelling.






The Juxta-LockTM (alternating) Band System allows for quick and easy application and minimal adjustments that help maintain compression levels, a comfortable fit. The material utilizes limited linear stretch technology along the length of the garment that hugs the contours of the leg, reduces slipping, and makes the use of foam inserts virtually unnecessary.

Adjusting the bands of the garment to a firm and comfortable compression achieves therapeutic levels of gradient compression and can be worn 24 hours* a day with the bands being slightly loosened for night time wear. The Juxta-Fit is specially designed to use varying bandwidths to control and assure gradient compression regardless of limb shape.

The Lower Legging is available in two standard lengths, 28cm and 36cm, and in sizes ranging from Small to XL. It can also be ordered custom to fit almost any leg shape and is covered by a one year limited warranty. The Whole Legging, Upper Legging, and Knee Piece are custom made only, and can be combined to create six different garment options. Whether you need a garment that covers from just above the ankle to above-the-knee, or to cover from below the knee up to the groin, the Juxta-Fit can do it.

Each custom made garment can be designed to fit the contours of almost any leg and can accommodate a 20% circumference reduction in the limb and still fit comfortably.

The Juxta-Fit Features:

  • Cool, Light-weight, Breathe-O-PreneTM material
  • Patented Juxta-Lock Band System for Easy On/Off
  • Antimicrobial SilverTec Lining
  • Controlled Bandwidth Gradient Compression
  • Limited Linear Stretch Material Hugs Limb
    Contour reducing slippage
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Standard and Custom Sizing
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1 pair of socks

A physician's prescription is required.


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