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Bracing... Everybody Needs A Little Support Sometimes

Custom Knee Bracing  

ACL/PCL Knee Bracing

Custom made ACL/PCL knee bracing help support the knee from instability due to a ligament injury. Designed with comfort in mind, these braces are lightweight and highly durable. These products encourage patients to return to regular activity with confidence.

Osteoarthritic Knee Bracing

Osteoarthritic bracing provides patients with relief of “bone on bone” activity associated with osteoarthritis. Specialized hinges apply a firm pressure on the unaffected side of the knee and create a “space” between the bones allowing them to move freely. These braces are lightweight, comfortable, and encourage patients to return to regular activity.

These products require a prescription and may be covered by an insurance provider. Most medical insurance companies may cover custom made knee bracing if the patient has a paid-in full receipt and the original doctor's prescription. We will gladly check any with any insurance providers to confirm coverage. 


Custom Knee Brace Warranty


Breg Fusion - 5 years on the brace frame and hinges and 6 months on the straps and pads.

DonJoy Defiance - Lifetime on brace frame and hinges. DonJoy will repair all or part of the brace frame and hinges for material or workmanship defects for the life of the brace. 6 months on the straps and pads.

Ossur Paradigm/CTi2  - Lifetime on the brace frame and hinges and 6 months on soft goods, liners and straps.


Washing instructions: Hand wash and air dry only!! Use a mild soap, rinse extremely well and pat dry with a towel. Proper maintenance of the straps and pads will allow them to last a long time.


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