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Bracing... Everybody Needs A Little Support Sometimes

Lower Extremity


Sully Hip Support                                      

Wraps are applied in a specific order to apply proper support depending on injury. Wraps apply stretch resistance.







Groin Wrap

Universal size neoprene wrap designed to help manage groin pulls and stains.






 Double Hernia Support

Effective support and control of a reducible inguinal hernia. For single ordouble hernia. Removable pads allow for single support for either side; complete range of pad adjustment for a perfect fit. 

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large.






 Single Elastic Truss

For reducible scrotal hernia pad sewn on to elastic web belt with buckle fastening. Perineal straps features buckle closure.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, X-Large.



Pavlik Harness for Babies                      

The Pavlik is for babies with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). It allows contact between the hip and thigh bones and helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments.










Neoprene Knee Sleeve

Basic knee sleeve Neoprene offers compression and warmth for comfort.





Jumper's Knee Brace                                             

Flexible metal hinges give the knee support 2 compression straps for more support. Removable patellar butress assists in patella tracking.





Hinged Knee Braces

Promote movement while offer support to the ligaments.
Several different models available.
Requires prescription from doctor or physio.






Wrap Around Knee Brace                                               

Rigid aluminum stays support the medial and lateral knee. Wrap around brace is easier to get on for those with limited mobility. Breathable and Latex Free.








Bauerfeind GenuTrain                                               

New knitting concept: particularly stretchy, breathable and moisture dissipating for excellent wearing comfort, especially in the area behind the knee. Anatomically knit for a non-slip fit. Compression-reduced edges divert pressure at the ends of the support . Integrated, ring shaped viscoelastic insert surrounds patella.







Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3                             

Same Knitting as the GenuTrain. A side seam avoids pressure points in the popliteal area. New anatomically formed pad helps secure its position and makes it more comfortable to wear. A cresent shaped medial patellar cover is integrated into the patella recess in the pad.





Bauerfeind GenuTrain S                                       

Same knitting as the GenuTrain. Side bars are additionally secured with circular inelastic straps. The anatomically shaped bars can be heated and reshaped then inserted back into the medial and lateral guide channels. A circular viscoelastic insert surrounds the patella and  facilitates correct positioning of the support.





 Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3                                      

New Knitting concept: very elastic, breathable and moisture dissipating for excellent wearing comfort, especially in the popliteal area. The newly developed insert form encompasses typical pain areas and important receptor zones of the knee joint. Two spiral stays located on the sides retain the shape of the knit. In addition, the viscoelastic insert has friction zones that are covered with nubs and the patella corrective guide is imbedded in the insert.                                                                            


Knee Immobilizer (Bunny Splint)

Prevents movement in the knee following injury and surgery. Available in different lengths.
Universal fit.




IROM Rehab Knee Brace

Fully adjustable knee brace, controllable range of motion dials, and telescoping side panels accommodates for a wide spectrum of heights.
Requires prescription from doctor or physio.





DonJoy X-Act ROM Knee Brace 

 The X-Act ROM is remarkably quick and east to apply, allowing efficient use of OR time. The anti-migration foam and dynamic suspension frame naturally contour this lightweight brace to your leg, providing a precise fit after surgery. Latex free.





Foot & Ankle


Tibial Walker

Alternative casting option (injury depending). Range of motion dials may be set for movement/no movement . Soft liner provides comfort while rigid frame provides support.
Requires prescription from doctor or physio.




Conformer Diabetic Boot 

Can be removed for daily cleaning, dressing changes and medication. Versatile, use one device for the entire duration of treatment. A fully enclosed thick, but breathable foam cocoon attached to a  unique auto-molding innersole.



Low Tide Walker                                             

Alternative casting option (injury depending). Soft liner provides comfort while rigid frame provides support. Walker does not allow for movement.
quires prescription from doctor or physio.





Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint                                     

Allows for a prolonged stretch of the plantar fascia and achilles tendon. Adjustable dorsi-flexion straps. Lightweight sturdy one piece flexible shell.




Post-Op Shoe

Protective shoe for post-operative healing. Overlapped tongue increases comfort.
Adjustable Velcro closures.





Orthowedge  Offloading boot                             

Wedge construction helps reduce pressure on the forefoot and keeps weight behind the MP joints. Ideal for diabetic ulcers, foot surgery, amputations.


 Teraheel Offloading Boot


Offloading heel has a patented outsole to completely offload the heel. Lateral counters to stabilize the foot. Removable back bumper to protect ulcers and bursites. Customizable offloading insole made of soft PU. Total open with Velcro closures.




Diabetic Boot                                          

Distributes weight to larger area eliminating peak pressure points. Insole has 3 layers that conforms, cushions and supports foot. Insole is easily removed for cleaning.



Cast Boot

Waterproof leather boot. Velcro closures for simple application.




Swedo Ankle Brace

Lace-up design, bilateral plastic sheets offer support to the ankle.






AirCast Ankle Brace

Rigid plastic stirrup ankle brace. Air cells contour to lower leg offers comfort and fights against swelling.





Active Ankle Brace

Hinged design promotes movement. Rigid plastic frame supports the ankle.






Ankle Stabilizing Brace                                                   

Fast and efficient lacing system. Nylon figure 8 straps will not stretch during exercise. Lightweight breathable fabric allows heat and moisture to escape.




Leaf Spring AFO                                                              

For mild drop foot. Provides good toe clearance and support. Absence of heel section for improved comfort.





Matrix Max AFO                                                                  

AFO for drop foot as a result of CVA, multiple sclerosis,other neurological conditionsankle instability or forefoot amputions.Tibial plate is adjustable for customization and comfort. Elongated strut is made of reinforced carbon fibre and glass composite. Anterior shell is moldable and padded to reduce tibial crest pressure.








Tuli's Heel Cups

Cushioning cups reduce force on heels. Sizing based on weight .




Gel Bodies Elbow Brace                        

Protects both heel or elbow from pressure sores. Features TRUGEL pressure relieving gel. Comfortable and user friendly.






Heel Cushions                                          

Heel cushion gives 1/4 inch lift to heel as well as cushioning.

Heel Spur Cushions (not shown). Cavity in center disperses painful heel pressure.



Cambion Shock Absorbing Insoles

Based on shoe size, trim to fit. Reduces force produced while working on hard surfaces.
Washable and transferable.





Superfeet Insoles

Rigid plastic insole with top covering. Many different designs and models to match your needs.
Based on shoe size.






Toe Spacers

Helps prevent toes from overlapping. Soft silicone material provides comfort and support. Reusable and hand washable.





Gel Toe Crest                                                             

Gel relieves pressure and friction. Shape nestles under hammer and bent toes. Oderless and reuseable.







 Strassburg Sock

It fits like a normal sock but the toes can be pulled back towards the knee using a Velcro and fabric strip. This puts the ankle and foot in a 'dorsi-flexed' position that stretches the Plantar Fascia. When the Plantar Facia is stretched for a sustained period during the night the tissue heals in a better position. This can reduce and relieve the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain.





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