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Bracing... Everybody Needs A Little Support Sometimes

Upper Extremity Bracing  



Universal Clavicle Splint                      

Designed to properly align clavicle following injury. Promotes proper posture.






Velpeau Shoulder Sling

Comfortable alternative to makeshift slings.
Straps allow for adjustments.








 DonJoy Aircast Arm Immobilizer

Designed to provide secure and comfortable support. Enhanced design allows two options to secure underarm strap to maximize patient comfort.







DonJoy Ultrasling

Designed to position arm and shoulder in neutral alignment.
Requires a doctor's prescription.






DonJoy ER Sling

Designed to position shoulder in external rotation. Available in 15 degrees or 30 degrees based on requirements.
Doctor's prescription required.





Sully Shoulder Support

Neoprene "vest" comes with adjustable straps to provide support to affected shoulder/arm.
Neopreen straps allow for stretch resistance.
Can be worn under sports equipment.
Available in unilateral or bilateral models.
Doctor or Physio prescription required.





Sawa Shoulder Stabilizer

Straps applied in sequence to ensure proper support is applied where needed.
Can be worn under sports equipment.
Doctor or Physio prescription required.





Humeral Fracture Brace

Helps support humerus following fractures
Promote proper alignment of bones depending on location, product comes with or without shoulder piece.
Doctor's prescription required.





 Shoulder Pulley

The shoulder pulley assists in range of motion of the shoulder. It easily installs over any door.







 Sammons Preston Hemi Shoulder Sling

Effectively treats shoulder subluxation. Snug-fitting humeral cuff held in place by bicep/tricep belly band. Three adjustable straps act similarly to deltoids to pull humeral head into correct position and to control mobility, encouraging internal or external rotation as needed. Comfortable, polyurethane lining won't slip. Latex-free.








DonJoy IRom Elbow

Brace limits or promotes movement of the elbow.
Requires doctor's prescription.










DonJoy X-Act ROM Elbow

The X-Act ROM Elbow brace is versatile, easy to apply, comfortable telescoping brace, allowing for ideal fixed or protected range of motion to help improve patient outcomes following surgery or injury. Latex free.







 Empi Advanced Dynamic ROM Brace

 Designed to treat range of motion (ROM) loss. The innovative design provides a clinically proven adjunctive, cost effective treatment outside of the clinical setting to assist in restoring the extension or flexion ROM.

 Requires a doctor's prescription.





Band It Tennis Elbow Brace

Provides support for both Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Wrist. Universal fit, and one strap application.

Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support (not shown)
Neoprene promotes warmth and compression
pad applies pressure during forearm movement.
Size based on forearm circumference





Gel Bodies Elbow Brace           

Protects both elbow or heel from pressure sores. Features TRUGEL pressure relieving gel. Comfortable and user friendly.







 Wrist & Thumb




Universal Wrist Wrap

Wrist wrap allows for patient control. Neoprene model promotes warmth and compression.
Available with thumb attachment (not shown)
Available in grey only.





Lace up Wrist Splint

Rigid support limits wrist movement. Easy to apply and adjust.
Size based on wrist circumference.





Thumb Spica Splint

Brace limits wrist and thumb movements.
Adjustable straps for comfort.







Sellafix Thumb/Wrist Splint

Rigid plastic splint limits thumb and wrist movements. Light weight.
Doctor or physio prescription needed.






 Sellafix Thumb Splint

Rigid plastics splint limits thumb movements.
Light weight.
Doctor or physio prescription needed









Arthritis Gloves                                              

Captures and retains heat to provide therapeutic warmth for fingers and hands. Soft interior lining wicks away moisture. Open fingertips for comfort and a more natural grip. Fits men and women.







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